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Use this form to submit a request to have your NPO or City Department meeting, forum, presentation or event videotaped by the City's Cable TV Office. Please fill out the relevant information for your specific request. If you are unsure of any important information, please select "Unsure" and we will ask you about it at a later time. Providing these details will help us to provide the best possible coverage of your event or activity.

While we may not be able to accommodate every request for services, submitting this form 2 or more weeks in advance of the event date will ensure a greater likelihood that we will have staff available for covering your program.

Event Coverage Request Form

Tell us about yourself

NPO/City Department:

Contact Person:

Phone Number:


Tell us about your program

Title of Program:

Short Title:

Program Type:



Anticipated Duration:

Number of Speakers:

Names & Titles of Speakers:

Speaker(s) Contact Info:

Presentation Style:

Visual Aids/Media:

Number of Slides (if applicable)

Audience Questions:

Question Procedure:

PA System Required?

This info is important, as it will determine the amount of staff and equipment we should bring.

Tell us about your location

Depending on the production, we will generally need access to an event location one to two hours prior to the beginning of an event to begin setting up our equipment. You should verify that the location will be accessible for us to do this. While it is not necessary for you to be present when we begin setting up for a production, it is helpful to know the time at which we can expect you or your members to arrive, should we have any questions or concerns.


Location Contact:

Location Phone number:

Location Email:

Earliest Set-up time:

How can we help publicize your organization?

This information will be included in the program itself to direct viewers to more information about the subject matter or about your organization.


Phone Number





Brief Description of event:

Additional Info/comments/requests:

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